In the cold dew season

chrysanthemum is brilliant and the bamboo rhyme, and the autumn rain dances the breeze. The falling autumn rain struck the canopy.

on the balcony with a slow rhythm and rattled

The sound of the rain is like the Shan Yin in the silence, like the joy of the long night, writing melodious songs for the autumn night, and making dreams colorful; more, Didi, Da, playing autumn window, buckle Xuan Chuang, knock on the heart window

Wisp of autumn wind gently blows

silk Ning Xiang diffuse. In the depths of autumn, you can especially see the extraordinary integrity of chrysanthemum "would rather hold fragrant branches and grow old than dance autumn wind with yellow leaves..

remember reading this sentence many years ago

only think that Chrysanthemum's character is stubborn, cold and proud, and it is very similar to our young personality.

Now, after experiencing the storm

then reading it again, I feel much more gentle. Among them, the calm in silence, the warm fragrance in gentleness, and the brilliance under Qingdi, all of them explained the tenacity, faith, and indomitable spirit of her life

well as the lofty elegance when she bloomed!

The chrysanthemum in full bloom is characterized by elegance, red, especially purplish red, deep and elegant. Yellow, especially light yellow, plain, clean and bright. Green, Green is simple and pure. White, White is noble, White is plain and elegant

brilliant innocent

Nbright is like Hexi. All colors are very good, especially white, clean and bright, generous and decent, rich and Qian Xiao, eye-catching and heart-catching!wonder there will be "red leaves clear flow yugou, yellow flowers drunk song building" in the Guan Hanqing!

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Not to mention

the graceful posture of chrysanthemum flowers, but the faint fragrance that goes into the nose, into the heart, and into the lungs alone has already taken care of itself. If you don't know where the autumn is, you will go away with faint fragrance. Under the fence in front.

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bamboo rhyme

The autumn wind shakes , and the fallen leaves smell the sound. I have always liked bamboo inexplicably, like his vigorous and straight in the spring scenery, like his cool and green colors in the thick shade and summer, and like his natural and unrestrained charm.

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"Thousands of miles Fei Shuang, thousands of forests fall Wood ". In the vast world, I only wish to be a wild goose in autumn, soaring with bamboo flute and smiling thousands of miles, even if the smoke is cold and rainy, even if the "West Wind Wipes blue trees overnight "!

  The water is piled up, the mountains are heavy, and the life is slim. Xu Xing? Quiet good times, warm and cold people, say treasure for the rest of your life! A memory, all kinds Nuan Rou, Wen Yun is more than just the heart? A friendship, washed by 40 years of wind and rain, still looks so graceful and elegant on the autumn map, like chrysanthemum bamboo rhyme; it is also rich and fruitful.
I think, the evening when I held hands with you, we were rippling in the long sweet osmanthus fragrance. You tell me, I listen, warm words slow cooking time, ironing the heart. The path of the botanical garden quietly holds up the sound of our walking in autumn. You lament the subtlety of human relations, I feel the charm of true feelings, and how many heartfelt words rise and fall in mottled tree shadows, jumping into a sunset, a touch of autumn feeling, autumn feeling, dizzy heart?

  Under the night that comes slowly, your Qian Xiao sweetly moistens the bitterness that I hide in my heart. Hold your sincerity and weigh it carefully: "Sincerity comes, gold and Stone are open", affection is priceless! The night gradually blurred the ravines that the years worked on our faces, but sincere love was bright and colorful in my heart.

  At the moment of parting, your face was filled with joy and told me that you were very happy and I smiled sweetly. That night, I looked at the sky through the glass of the window: the white clouds were light and the night sky was quiet; he did not hesitate to take over a Yuehui shot from the window, Guixiang blown in by the breeze, and a sincere and friendly sleep. Thank you for your life, thank you for your life!

  Continuous autumn rain knocks on the heart window. All sentient beings, our life needs emotional upbringing, and our life needs to be Qian Ban with others. Feelings are the spiritual source of nourishing life and the spiritual strength of life. I long for the memory in my feelings, even if the sunset ends, even if the rickets are staggering, I am still willing to wander in the emotional world without heart and lungs.
Dear: while the years have captured our youth and beauty, they have also precipitated the mature experience and calm attitude of our life, and let us experience the warmth of sincerity and friendship. For the rest of your life, please open a happy window to let the sun shine in, let us join hands and cherish in the warmth of friendship!

  One day in September, at the office window, when I was fascinated by the sweet osmanthus fragrance that was drifting with the wind in the yard, a sharp Bell pulled me into reality. The leader informed me to attend the 8th Yongfeng county culture and art festival. After I hung up the phone, I was stunned. It was a green song competition organized by the county. It must be a master like a cloud. If nothing else, music teachers in schools and vocal music teachers in training institutions are daunting. Although I have made some achievements in several singing competitions organized within the unit, I know that my strength is difficult to achieve.

  In the blink of an eye, the day of drawing lots came. I came to the county cultural center and looked at the young, energetic and energetic faces. At that moment, I was timid and once jumped out of the idea of abandoning the game, but as a mother, how can I run away. How can I lobby my children to face difficulties when they encounter difficulties in their growth in the future? I remembered the speech contest in 2014. At that time, I also had no confidence in myself, but I was not willing to lose the speech in 2012. I set myself a small goal: to win the first prize in the branch competition and the third prize in the city competition. Later, everything was as I wished. Therefore, I cannot flinch this time. I have no right to be weak.

  There are still two days to go before the competition, and everything is still in time. In a panic, I found a friend to give directions and expressed my desire to quickly learn how to transport dantian and how to control the breath. Zhang Jie enlightened me not to rush for success. Some of these basic skills have not been well mastered by vocal music for several years and comforted me. No matter what the outcome is, they should face it in the best state, do your best and do your best within the limit, then you will not waste your participation in the competition.

  After calming the mood, clean up the train of thought. The top priority is to choose a song. Due to the rush of time, I have to pick up a familiar old song. Because the sound is not high enough, I also use the sound and shadow editing software, the second chorus of accompaniment music was deleted. After that, go to the wedding dress shop to choose a dress and make a reservation for the overall shape. After all the preparations were over, I seemed to find a little bit of confidence.

  The saying goes: Cram, unpleasant also light. Assault or cramming, I have to work hard. When night fell and the child fell asleep, I wrote the lyrics again to figure out the soul hidden behind each word given by the lyricist, marking which word should be stressed and which word should be dragged; listen carefully to the way the original song is handled, then imitate and sing, repeat and consolidate over and over again, internalize into your own things; finally, maximize your feelings into the song.

  My interpretation of the song is that the first half of the song is a talk, it should be gentle, and the treble part should let the sound concentrate, so that there is resonance. One tight and one loose, one high and one low, with contrast, the song will have lasting appeal. As soon as the melody rings, you must let yourself enter the state, hold your breath and adjust your breath. Be sure to get out of the way. The first sound will attract the audience's ears instead of singing as freely as karaoke on weekdays. When the lyrics were analyzed word by word, magical things happened, just like they were full of magic. The songs were instantly noted with love and emotion, and they were all moved, lost confidence also came back like shells found on the beach.

  Although this competition failed to enter the finals, I benefited a lot, gained applause, and once again exercised myself, knowing that at any time, the biggest enemy in life is not others, it comes from one's inner fear. Sometimes, a powerful opponent will push you forward. The most terrible thing in life is that you give up lightly before you work hard. What is even more terrible is that people who are better than you work harder than you.

  Let hard work become a habit. After you really keep working hard, you will find yourself much better than you think. In the future, you will certainly thank you for your hard work now, and the process of hard work will become a precious and beautiful memory in your life. Set yourself one small goal after another. After completion, you will soon reap a more perfect self. Only by working hard can there be no regrets. If you can still have some small achievements, then you will be full of joy and why not.


moved computers

Three weeks ago, we came to the hotel business unit from the group, desks and chairs, and placed documents and materials for half a day. After packing up, a line of three people rushed to the construction site, where we saw Guo Si holding walkie-talkies. He was wearing a fiery red helmet, clamped between the two engineers and looked intently at the big picture of the pipeline, doing the final proofreading, and his voice was very clear and even some loud, it is clearly a very tense "war" state. We looked at the strewn pipe network and looked back at the Pipe body that was working. Several bricklayers found us, and the design review engineers Guo Si also found us, gently knocked on his big arm, Guo Si twisted his head and saw us standing around the pipe well and not walking towards Xiao Wu in the middle of us: "There is a basin of bamboo on the office table, you bring it back to life as soon as possible." Then continue to survey the construction quality against the drawings.

  After listening to Guo Gong's instructions, we were all a little surprised. Looking at the P piled up on the construction site. O42. 5 Portland cement bag, I have some doubts about my ears. If the arrangement just now is for us to review the system drawings together or measure the compressive strength of concrete, otherwise, let's go to the project department reference room to check the results of the on-site review, follow up the project image progress and engineering quantity, and match our new arrival, let our project managers be gardeners who fertilize, water and cultivate soil?

  On the desk of the composite board in the glass wall and the tin-aluminum alloy handle, a pot of withered bamboo is very eye-catching, the leaves, branches and rods are close to dry, and there is no vital sign, the red soil in the basin does not taste the nutrients, even if it has not been watered for many days, the flower fertilizer is seriously scarce.

  This is the dragon beard bamboo recorded in Dai Kai's "bamboo Sutra" in the Jin dynasty and the "agricultural government Book" in the Ming Dynasty Xu Guangqi. It was born between Chenzhou and the Three Valleys of Zhejiang province, however, branches and stalks are as thin as needles and can be used as pots to play with, but frost and snow are not visible in winter. Dali city's tourism, flower and bird markets are in full swing and evergreen all the year round. It is not uncommon to be able to buy potted plants of dragon beard and bamboo. Just accidentally broke the geomantic omen of bamboo, dragon beard bamboo likes wet but not wet soil, bamboo leaves also need to spray water frequently, but avoid water accumulation. In summer and autumn, apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, urea, etc. until the bamboo leaves have bright luster. Turn over the basin every 2-3 years for about 4-5 months. Pruning, Run Zhi and other fine work need to wait until the bamboo grows much longer or there are diseases and insect pests such as bamboo borer, aphid and aphid. During the week, we will carefully pay attention to the growth of longxuzhu while checking the drawings, counting the progress of the project, bidding for the purchase and installation of equipment, and watch the bamboo withered wood in spring. Xiaowu and Xiaomei are very happy, it confirms the inevitable and iron law of life growth. At the weekend's summary meeting, director Guo first patted the shoulders of the three of us and said faintly, "you can use professional technology, with patience, care and responsibility, bring the nearly desperate dragon beard bamboo back to spring. I believe you will be able to manage and do a good job in the project." We are all very understanding and full of confidence. Guo's mind artistic conception is like Erhai Lake, a scenic spot of' three islands', 'four continents' and 'nine quets', which is extremely broad.

  Inadvertently, I remembered Mr. Banqiao's science poem: "For 40 years, bamboo branches have been painted and nighttime thoughts have been written during the day. When you are born, you will be familiar ." Director Guo is really confident.

  Are you missing me now? I remember, you said, "Ye Xue fall off the screen window, and the flowers bloom ". Now I still remember it!

  At night, I gradually approached me. I leaned on the window alone. The snow danced down from the sky. I unconsciously extended my red hands, to meet the sworn snowflakes. "I know Xue Zhong late at night, and I hear the sound of broken bamboo ." The snow was a little heavy, only heard the intermittent "squeaking" sound outside the window. It turned out that the bamboo in the distance was "overwhelmed" and fell to rest.

  Just as I was stunned, my father came back from the outside, only smelling the sound of pushing the door, and saying in his mouth, "this year's snow is surprisingly big, I broke all the bamboos. I didn't use any lights when I came back. The Snow lit up the road." When I heard my father say so, I couldn't hold back my feet. He was telling me that he was going out to play.

  Dad, I'll be back when I go out. After that, I picked up my coat and ran out.

  "Plum must Xun Xue three points White, but the snow Shu Mei a fragrance ." It's so fragrant. It turned out that the plum blossoms of Sanbo's family are blooming. Plum blossoms and snowflakes are all in the limelight in winter. It can be said that no one will lose anyone. However, I also prefer plum blossoms to "run over Zuo Chen with scattered dust and mud, only as fragrant as ever ." Even if it falls on the side of the road and is trampled by horses and pedestrians and turns into mud or dust, the Han Xiang character of plum blossom will not change and will remain in the world forever in the hearts of confidants.

  The foot did not listen to go to the wooden window of Sanbo's house. Although the window paint was corroded due to its ancient age, it had a vicissitudes of life, the light in the room penetrated through the white paper and reflected with the white snow around it, like a little yellow light in the white light, it's like yellow light mixed with a little white light. It's hazy and beautiful.

  Red Dust own chi qing zhe

  Mo Xiao infatuated too crazy

  If it weren't for some cold bones

  The plum blossom is fragrant.

  I don't know who is putting "plum blossom three Lane"? On this snowy night, there are not only plum blossom rewards, but also plum blossom songs to listen to. I am also beautiful.

  Just as I was about to turn around and leave, the scene of "Ye Xue the screen window" really came into my Yan Mou. In the distance, have you seen "Yan Mou screen window" in your Ye Xue?

  The flowers fell, the lights went out, and the Soul followed the dream tonight. I think you will appear in my dream tonight.

  "Chai Men smells dogs barking, snow and snow return to people at night" is already ten o'clock before you know it. Listen, Awang is calling, and I will also be a night return person tonight. Stepping on the cold wind and following the moonlight, I returned home, and the fragrance in front of the door was just right.

  Ye Xue fall off the screen window, strange flowers bloom, I slowly return!

  While the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, while the flowers are blooming, don't miss all the good things, come on! Fog Ben Hua Hai is waiting for you to enjoy a feast of autumn flowers. Although it is not as red as spring and as warm as summer, the quiet flowers bloom just to appease the fidgety and disorderly mood.

  Autumn flowers are happy and beautiful flowers, quiet and brilliant, looking forward to the future in brilliant.

  The wind is clear and the sky is blue. Climbing mountains and enjoying the scenery is the best arrangement for this National Day holiday. There is no long-distance boat car fatigue and no traffic jam. Fog this autumn flower sea brings you Happy National Day and happy time.

  About an hour's drive from the county seat, you can see gesanhua sea. The full bloom of flowers makes people drunk. Flowers are blooming, and the name of national day flowers may be more appropriate. Flowers are not big, full of vision, almost no leaves, only flowers crisscross under the blue sky, as thin as cicada wings, light floating.

  In a piece of pink, occasionally dotted with a few white, crimson, is it afraid that pink is too monotonous? Or are you afraid that the sea of flowers in autumn is too gentle? Use a few strange tones to enhance the stunning vision. Enter the flowers and enjoy the pleasant fragrance and beauty of the flowers.

  White flowers are the representatives of purity, the Crimson is the messenger of happiness, and the pink is the free freehand brushwork. Each is a kind of mood, each represents a flower language. All things in nature have their own voices and talk to their hearts. Blooming is the mission of flowers, if you Bloom butterflies. Blooming is the end of beauty. Of these thousands of flowers, which is the most beautiful and which is the flower in your heart.

  Looking up from the sea of gesang flowers, move your eyes to the distance, Castle Peak, blue sky, white clouds, Golden Marigold, beautiful eyes, eyes are the best camera, one by one browse, shoot, Collect. Quiet, handsome, pure air. In the sea of flowers, beautiful eyes, beautiful heart, beautiful face. Today we should also be beautiful!

  After enjoying the flowers, sit down in the dragon tree forest, rest, the dense forest is quiet and quiet, and Tao Ran's mood. Sit by the spring, close your eyes and feel the beauty in the forest with your hearing. The breeze passed slowly, and there were flowers blooming by the pool, listening to the wind, listening to birds singing and listening to flowers blooming. Listen to the most beautiful sounds of nature; listen to your heart sound .....

  The wind is soft and slow, the bird sounds tactfully, the flowers bloom safely and quietly, such time, such enjoyment, is so easy to get, who said not beautiful, who said not good!

  Yeah! I always like to sit quietly in the dragon tree forest and enjoy the treatment of heaven alone. My thoughts here are ethereal again. I am happy to climb up the treetops, dance in the gentle wind, and sing an autumn ballet with birds, let the once dusty heart be purified in the autumn blue sky, let the eyes be filled with a Wang Qiushui, transparent and clear. My heart is full of happiness and beauty. Drunk in the quiet, drunk in the quiet away from the hubbub.

  Quietly, enjoy the beauty of Xanadu. A flower, a leaf and a scene seem to have Shan Yi, which makes people meditate in silence and indifference. Life needs such time and soul needs breathing time. Stop here and be quiet, feel the beauty of life, so that you will love more, be more passionate, and have full confidence in the future.

  Holiday leisure is a spiritual recharge, a new day, a New Year, flowers are more beautiful, life is better.

  When the sun goes down in the West, walk into the sea of flowers, walk in the flowers, dip in the fragrance of flowers, step on the breeze, step on the sunset, feel beautiful, have a bright spirit, watch a flower, Wu Yi life, read autumn, read the fog book, endless aftertaste, thousands of times and thousands of times are not tired.




  In the time like a shuttle, things change stars, flowers bloom and fall, the wind and cloud are changing silently, and the Four Seasons are quietly reincarnation. Walking through the end of summer, colorful autumn comes as promised.

  There is a holiday in autumn, which always makes people look forward to it. It is the golden week of November. How many tourists from the south to the north took advantage of the rare holiday, regardless of the surging crowds, and did not hesitate to work for thousands of miles, only for the two deep eyes in the depths of the other shore, they resolutely went to their hometown. And I am no exception.

  It is quite reasonable to say that "the strongest is the local feeling and the most beautiful is the hometown scenery. When you are free, go home and have a look. It coincides with the good season of autumn. It is inevitable to reap many different surprises. For example, the fruitful fruits of all over the mountain, such as the pretty red maple dyed all over the forest, such as the long rice fields like Jin Tao blue waves ...... There is also a warm autumn sun that warms the time.

  When I opened the window in the morning, a fresh and humid air came to my face. The distant mountainside was still covered with a faint white fog. It was like a dream, like a fairyland, and it tasted different, only one beauty can cover all its charm.

  The autumn sun on the horizon rises like a gentle girl ran in the east, affectionately sprinkled on every inch of the motherland, gently shining in everyone's heart.

  The warm sun in autumn is not as hot as the hot sun in summer, but as light as a spring water, as soft as a breeze, even when it hits the face at noon, there will be no feeling of being burned like a fire. It is more gentle, more tender and more poetic.

  After lunch, at this time, turn on the music and pull the lounge chair to the door garden for a sunbath, which is very comfortable. The sun is projected from the mottled leaves, and the stars are sprinkled on the face and on the body, as comfortable as the spring breeze. A gust of wind blew and pieces of yellow leaves fell one after another, like a falling rain. Although it was bleak, it was also beautiful to the extreme.

  Who said that autumn is only desolate under the boundless fallen Wood, who said that autumn is only getting deeper and deeper after the double Sun, who said ...... In fact, there is never a lack of beauty in the world. What is lacking is always the eyes that discover beauty. If you look at autumn with sadness, it is inevitable that there will be depression everywhere. If you greet autumn with a smile, it must be full of joy.

  No matter the season is like tossing and turning, no matter how the wind changes; no matter whether the autumn wind takes away whose thoughts, no matter whether the autumn rain is wet or not, no matter whether the autumn leaves float, whose ideals ...... Xin Ruo to the sun, what is sadness? If the eyes are affectionate, there are scenes everywhere. Make a happy window and let the warm autumn sun warm your heart and warm and soft time. Short youth, short years, only wish in the four seasons of reincarnation, only complain about warmth without saying anything.

  Autumn is coming, will winter be far away? Winter is coming, will spring be far behind? In the fallen leaves, in the cold weather in late autumn, the autumn sun is like a light in the night, bringing hope. Warm sprinkle on you when you are disheartened or depressed, giving you encouragement and comfort.

  Take this warm autumn sun all the way to warm others, warm yourself and warm time in the season of reincarnation.

  The Qing Qiu month, like a thin piece of ice, floats in the cool night.

  Mother had already rested. I sat at the window and listened to her tired and even breathing. In the dead of night, the heart is easy to calm, recall or repent; the moon is clear, and it is best to meet with the past. Since childhood, she has been her mother's charming daughter, and her innate silence is engraved in her life. In my clear Yan Mou, only my mother is always busy. The child's heart is the most sensitive and needs comfort most. Under the pressure of work and life, the mother's comfort has become a luxury in my childhood. I can't understand how much thoughts and apologies my mother should have hidden in her eyes in haste.

  I was disappointed and began to become a lonely child. I walked out of the house, looked at the beautiful sky like Blue Velvet, smelled the flowers on the side of the road, and listened to the sad songs that came from somewhere ...... I carry the dismay that a child should not have, and let the mother condense into a cold image in my heart. I instinctively refused her warmth and escaped the gentle call of her "mother's charming girl". I even prayed for a cloud to take me away from her sight ...... Years have never refused to stay among any stamens. The four seasons have changed silently. I grew up without trace. Gradually, I began to understand, able to detect my mother's deep loss and her unspoken depression and pain, and gradually unfrozen her frozen feelings.

  No matter how tired I am, my mother always won't let me do heavy work, saying don't let them hurt my mother's charming girl. I chose to watch her struggle under the heavy burden of life in a distant corner.

  Her thin body wandered in the crowded sea, the hot wind swept, the crowds surged, and the burning air seemed to bring her down. Under the scorching sun, she was still running, tired, swallowing the sweat that flowed to her mouth, perhaps tears.

  For the first time, I felt that my mother was helpless, poor and strong. In the hot sun, she was thin and wrote the saddest poems in the crowd.

  If I can send her a cup of tea or the simplest greeting, how much clear spring comfort should she harvest and how much sorrow and exhaustion should she eliminate. The shyness and implication of youth, deeply rooted in the silence of the soul, are destined to only make my love for her surge in the bottom of my heart and treasure such a thick family in my heart.

  Under the dim light, the mother was combing her white hair. In the mirror was the once beautiful face. Her voice sighed, piled up in my heart, like a thousand. In a flash, I caught awake. Mother is old, really old.

  Time and space suddenly lost their boundaries. I stepped forward and combed her hair gently. Her eyes were first surprised, then surprised, and then turned into crystal clear touch. She looked at me in the mirror, with transparent cheeks, moist eyes and long flowing hair. She smiled and then murmured, "Mom's wife has grown up, much like mom's ......"

  Month, speechless in the cool night. I sat at the window and listened to my mother's tired and even breathing. I prayed that it could turn into a water-blue Die Er to embellish my mother's Infinite Dreams and tell her that my daughter is still your charming girl, it is your beautiful April day. This life, the afterlife

  Meeting you at the most beautiful age, you are the incomparable beauty in my memory.

  That year we met under the old Buttonwood tree on campus in fat school uniforms. You smiled and nodded to me. You looked so beautiful as a delicate painting carved into my mind.

  It turns out that we are in the same class. We are not deskmates, I am sitting in front of you. You don't know, every time I go to class, I will be distracted and silently think: what are you thinking at the moment, are you listening to the class? Will you be a little curious about the girl sitting in front? When you like a person, your mind will become very delicate.

  You are so outstanding. When everyone talks about you, many beautiful words such as superior family circumstances, excellent grades and humility are your labels. There are indeed great differences in different lives. At that time, I felt inferior and often wondered when I would become good enough? Only by getting better can I have the courage to stand by your side.

  Every time a class is over, girls often come to chat with you. You always treat everyone with a smile, but it seems that everyone can't really walk into your heart.

  One day after class, you ran to me and quietly told me to be my girlfriend. I was happier than I won the lottery. Later, I realized why you liked me. You said I was quiet like a stone, but you can find the power that makes you move from my eyes.

  We turn our love for each other into every bit of our daily life. Every morning you will come to the classroom early to warm up a box of milk and wait for me. Our eyes on each other are warm. My results in science are not ideal, so you never tire of explaining them over and over again. Sometimes you will affectionately pat my head and gently say, "What a little fool. In retrospect, I think that is the most touching love story I have ever heard.

  In order to be with you, I firmly chose science. Even if my science scores are in a mess, even if my parents persuade me in every way, even if I learn it is very painful. But in order to be with you, I have never regretted it.

  But what I still can't figure out is why you suddenly left. One day you said to me airily: Your parents want you to study abroad, you may be leaving soon. So suddenly, I was not prepared at all.

  The day before you left, you sent me a Walkman. You said that this Walkman has been with you for many years. I can listen to it if I miss you. You hope I can see you off at the airport tomorrow. But I am afraid of the way you leave and have no courage to send you away.

  I sometimes think that I am a stone, a stone that is afraid of pain. I haven't opened the Walkman you gave me, because I'm afraid memories of you will hit me like a flood and leave me nowhere to hide.

  Now I am sitting in the cafe on the corner and suddenly miss you. You smile and say that you like my quiet appearance. You like the power that makes you move in my eyes. But I think what you said is wrong. I am a stone, a stone that will hurt. My tears flowed into the raised coffee.




  Open the dictionary in the world, the word "suffering" seems to be particularly eye-catching.

  God created human beings and will "bitter their hearts and minds and work their bones and muscles" so that they can become a real person. However, in the era of science and technology, where material is extremely rich and society is highly developed, human suffering is far less than the ups and downs of ten years of turmoil, nor is it as good as the lack of food and clothing for three years of disasters, nor is it as good as the lack of shelter in ancient times. It seems that in the eyes of ordinary people, a little woman of mine is "worrying about giving new words" because such a stable and peaceful world has not brought us any unspeakable difficulties. People say that if God gives you one thing, he will take you another. Yes, since God kindly gave me my simple parents, there is no need to give my parents a full family allowance. My respectable parents hit their heads and blood in such a reality. Otherwise, I will never be able to write such heavy words in the backward rural areas in the developed areas. So I am their hope and the main force to reverse the suffering situation.

  They have no culture, no technology, some hardworking hands and a dilapidated hut. They only shaved food in the soil and devoted their whole lives to working for me.

  I just walked step by step on their dignity under their ardent eyes, holding a broken oil paper umbrella.

  No one but my family can understand the hardships. I am happy. A thin admission notice for two thousand years brought me into the Palace of the university. I feel guilty again, because my parents outside the hall have made their hair white and bent over.

  Spring goes to Qiu lai, and every summer and winter vacations inevitably soak in sweat and tears. Every time I watch them raise tuition fees for me, I have an inexplicable colic in my heart. Well, it's really not easy for people to live. Perhaps the most helpless time, that is, the time when I want to talk most; the loneliest time, that is, the most sentimental time.

  Everyone who is lonely but fears loneliness needs a dense feeling of himself, observing his friends, even a friend who is far away in time and space. I am lucky again. I have a real friend, that is Ye. Every time at midnight, I call Ye as far away as Guangzhou. At that time, I was like a drunken night returning person, saying the most bitter words on the phone. She was my most loyal audience and the most intimate comforter, so all the unhappiness dissipated in an instant. Leaves always send money orders from the far south during summer and winter vacations.

  This year is no exception. The postscript of the money order she wrote to me this year is like this. Hua: lovers are intoxicated by forgetting everything, and friends are sad and happy because they know each other, in addition to relatives and lovers, friends occupy an extremely important position in the world outlook of human life. Believe me, you are important to me. -Your forever friend: leaves.

  Seeing her message, I felt like a down-and-out Tramp found a piece of gold on the deserted Gobi, so happy and moved. Tonight, I sat under the dim desk lamp and flipped through the photo albums full of relatives and friends, flipping through the scenes of the past, thinking like a spring, deeply touched.

  It turns out that people rely on that persistent belief, that selfless sincerity to complete his or her life journey.

  Chunyang Qian Xiao warmed the stubbornness in the rush time, and slowed down with the diluted stubbornness Time. Every minute in spring seemed to slow down. Spring morning became quiet under the package of a wisp of sunshine.

  At this time, I am like the plum blossom that has no intention of fighting for spring. I only want to wait quietly in the corner of isolation, or the lakeside where no one passes, or the deep lonely rain lane that is about to sway, listen to the whispering of the spring breeze and the whispering of the spring rain. The slanting wind and drizzle, even if it is beautiful and flashy, just want to let the peace of the bottom of my heart sublimate and freeze the waiting heart without desire.

  Years, curtain call, just to write your poems, and sing for the wind, have you ever heard that kind of melody, lingering in your ears but in your heart, the familiar context of the wet inside, after all, the gentleness of your palm has become an endless sorrow between my eyebrows.

  When the wind blows, I will bury the seeds of memories under the flowers with the fallen leaves. When the spring blooms in the coming year, I will pick the spring flowers and soak the wine at the Peach Blossom ferry. I will taste the world of mortals. Please let me be alone. Lonely, when the moon was heard, Shanshan danced, and the quiet world clearly defined the thoughts if there were no thoughts. This youthful painting was covered with melancholy background, and my Bright Pen did not know where to fall, dim fireworks, this moment of embrace bright warm fleeting time, forget thin cool.

  Not because you hid in my words and lived in my heart, but because you entered my heart, you entered my words, and the indifference became the only persistence in this life, at the end of the dream, I saw a sea of flowers, open on the other side, but covered with the desolation of my heart. Three thousand of the love silk was buried under the Bodhi tree. You are always a defect that I can't piece together. Flowers are blooming, however, I can't hide from a stunning one, listen to a butterfly love flower, and then walk through the alone inscription.

  It was very quiet, so quiet that I could hear the sound of a leaf falling, pick it up and kiss it lightly. If you interpret me on earth so gracefully, I will work with my heart in silence, just for that little bit of heart-to-heart expectation, it was too late to retain in haste, grass grows and warblers fly, looking at another spring and autumn, always arrogant, like that month, too cold, Tai Liang, too desolate, the enchanting flower shadow condensed into the clear tears of the plain face under the blue sky. The years flowed, and I also passed away with the wind, standing in the distance that the light never touched.

  Seeing the dust settle down and hiding in the end of the world, the fragrance floats. The original memory atmosphere can be addictive like Poppy, and the hazy figure is drifting away like a stranger, the only thing that can be remembered is the mark left by the story. The joy that can't be carried is like Hua Sha scattered under the wind, and my calmness is once again tasted after the bustling end, the creation of the heart is the foil of how many lies. Since I believe that why I am afraid of cruelty, this shallow joy may be waiting for you to write a preface, and this time I just want to be a reader.

  Looking back, it seems like a dream of awakening interspersed with many sighs of life, deep in the courtyard, let the thoughts fly, Jin Se the fleeting time, you are my endless, in the mountains and waters, I escape the noise, just to be able to think quietly, wandering-seems to close your eyes and feel better, sorting out the truth left behind in Qing Mo light writing, several times bleak, even the most difficult to forget, this scene of pity for people's loneliness, for whom, never expected to assume, some gaps seem to enlarge the mood, when I stand in place, I thought that everything I used to be very close to me, and the old heart would prefer such a feeling, perhaps habit or fear, how much love has faded from a dream, lingering is old, and then like smoke.

  A promise has fixed the drifting of the sea, and the interpretation of temperature is as thin as the figure I walk alone in the sea. When the love at the corner is as fragile as colored glaze, the faded Rouge color erased the Makeup Marks of the plain face, exiled the signs of fireworks being easy to cool in the hope of palpitations, misty rain, broken bridge Lake, whether the distant oil paper umbrella is Dusty with a faint sorrow, I don't understand Li Hen, the attachment to the water, the smoke in the dream, across the landscape, I forgot you for a moment. Look, on the shore of the Twilight, The Scorpion of Surabaya ended the mess of the song.

  Every meeting is a forgetting, waiting to cherish the innocence of each meeting, see the moon ten miles, what time Shu Xing, no trace, this moment look up at the sky, pale and shadow help, the cold wind is late, the water is deep and the river is wide, the pulse is tender, and the swaying candlelight is not lit. Maybe you are like a paintbrush, lightly smearing my sadness in the play, Nanke Dream, however, the plot in the play is interpreted as the sentimentally attached love of the world of mortals, watching the prosperity fall, remembering that it is hard to accept, and planting a puzzled trick in a disaster, the heart is chaotic, and the words are ruthless.

  I can't finish this life, I can't finish the past life, and I can't finish the loneliness of my Yi Shi. If the contradiction makes the cracks in my heart overgrown, will I forget and remember, the taste of the individual is irreplaceable lingering, the Green Lantern burns out, the purple Moyao, The Bluestone Lake, the flowers are floating, the mottled traces, causing a piece of fragmentation, the flowers are reading, the flowers are remembering, I chew the falling gentleness in my heart and copy it as Yi Que romantic elegance. The Hot Soul guards my free and easy, wandering in the wandering years, my feelings have been humble to the dust in the wind, but never vulgar, firm, because the peach blossoms in full bloom that year, never forgotten a clear look, so simple.

  I remember you at that time, blushing and peeking at me, but I squinted and thought about her. The heart pulse you don't know, my ignorant heart is eager to try. It's not that my heart is numb and I don't feel warm. It's not that my eyes are disdainful and I won't vote for love, but that my heart thinks about her.

  The night without stars, tears soaked the pillow towel, the sad blood paralyzed the whole body, did not dare to move, did not have the courage to pull the lamp, lost in the night. Let the tears without reason flow into the night without stars, all that is black. What will happen to that dead silence without breathing? Close your eyes, blood flow, blood movement, heart beating, heart jumping, people surging. I saw her, shining on the dead night. I dare not open my eyes, I had her at that moment. He secretly thought, one day, I will open my eyes and embrace her.

  Because of the darkness of the night, you saw me, I was sleepy, because I only cared about her that night. The eyes that shed tears were not opened because of her. Your warmth infiltrated my heart and tried to open my eyes. I saw the blue color of my own on the pure land.

  I will not forget that the season that belongs to you and I meet is autumn.

  Winter [lost dream]

  The Pure Land has changed into new clothes, and I still feel warm, because your shy and happy face is attached to my heart that is no longer childish. Thank you for giving me the wings of responsibility. At that time, I forgot her and faced you.

  I didn't think of losing her loneliness. The taste of loneliness lingered around my heart. I didn't think of the strength and fear that your brief appearance gave me in this white pure land. Can't you change? This is a question from the heart. I am more scared, as if to lose you. I dare not think what I would be like without you, cold ......

  It's you, let me open my squinting face; it's you, let me see this pure land; it's you, let me have a free breathing sky, it's you ...... But all this, how do I feel more and more uncomfortable. No longer have the joy before, no longer have the warmth before, no longer have her beauty before, no longer have ...... Maybe I understand it wrong, maybe I should let go of you and get out of this pure land. Maybe I should stay where I am and feel the temptation of new clothes. All this began to become confused, losing her loneliness and invading me, you are still so warm, but I feel cold, cold, cold ......

  Don't forget, forget that she is still warm in this cold season, but I feel lonely.

  Spring [De Meng]

  I can't bear loneliness, not because my heart is too flowery, but because you have no new ideas. Can't say fickle, can only say heart feel you don't understand. That is too much romance, not empty. I changed my angle to your helplessness. This time, I forgot you and closed my eyes again.

  Still warm, you still have hope for me, but I want to say: your heart is still warm, but I closed my heart window and closed my eyes is the order of all this, there is no need to say thank you again, please help yourself. Maybe you broke your heart, maybe you shed tears, maybe you thought of giving up, maybe you ...... Too many possibilities are already possible. The fact is, I still feel warm.

  Close your eyes and forget everything you have given me. The promise I made to you was lost in the night. I think of her again, but this time she is no longer young. She turned the calendar page by page, counting my days, I was hotter and more powerful. I made a promise with my heart that I didn't need gorgeous words, let alone singing loudly, just watching quietly, she is already indispensable to my life. She turned around and her eyes looked at my heart. She looked at each other and smiled. The only difference is that this time, her eyes were closed for her.

  I can't forget that it is still warm to get to know her again in Ning Ye.

  Summer [Zhui Meng]

  Can't restrain the footsteps of the heart, more can't restrain the footsteps of the two hearts. The season when I met her, there were traces of each other's hearts. This is no longer the color of the night that adds to the light of the heart and yours.

  Still feel your warmth, at this time I, no longer afraid, have tried. Loneliness has been sunk and has already melted into the new clothes of the Pure Land. Precipitation there, whether waiting for me to caress, or already flying with the wind. I don't look back any more, because she looked at me in front of me and you were next to me. The only accompanying is to shift the distance between me and her, because she gave me direction and you gave me strength.

  She looked at you and turned over the calendar again. I looked at you, looked at her again, smiled softly, this smile no longer need to be released.

  Can't forget, she turned the calendar and looked at you and me that season.

  Autumn [dream now]

  In your season, I met her. It was another autumn. Remember to keep the appointment.




  After passing through the bright spring and prosperous summer, I turned around and met Autumn unexpectedly before I could think much. Meeting autumn is like returning from an old friend. You don't need too many greetings. It's like some likes it. Just one glance will be in your heart.

  Sitting on the threshold of time, watching a piece of fallen leaves dotted with autumn, a clear Dew rendered autumn cool. A season of Falling Flowers, eventually drifting into the door of autumn, autumn rain, inadvertently, inch of cold cicada singing, roadside wild chrysanthemum floating through the wings of the autumn wind, those fallen leaves blown away in the wind, who are you still whispering?

  Finally, it was silent. After the summer's blooming, I walked into the autumn. Some of them were prosperous and lonely. Time gave us a colorful meeting, however, it leaves a light and cloudy back. Only those memories of blooming flowers are eternal fragrance.

  The cool autumn is still like last year, but I was delighted and finally met again! Flowers will not bloom because of your alienation, but people will turn around and become strangers because of you. How many times can this world be reunited after a long separation!

  I like the beauty of autumn and the quiet beauty of autumn. Autumn is gentle, such as the fragrance of sweet osmanthus in the yard. Autumn is clear and clear, such as the sky with white clouds and deep autumn, such as the lake in the morning.

  Looking up, looking up at the sky in the autumn sun, a flowing cloud passing quietly covers the warm light. In the distance, mountains, water, clouds and trees seem to overlap in sight. The sky is high and Yun Dan, with me a pure and dust-free Qiu Xin.

  In the autumn wind, the leaves of ginkgo trees have just yellowed in the autumn wind. Compared with those deep green trees with luxuriant leaves, they have more lasting appeal. In fact, the scenery of a tree is enough to reflect the four seasons, from germination to initial flaw, then to prosperity and litter, through the process from glory to withered, is also a kind of life precipitation beauty.

  Like that sentence, life is not gorgeous floating on paper, but silence sinking in books. Who can count the spring breeze without falling? I believe all kinds of flowers that can be Yin Ren are flowers of life, giving flowers a gentleness, and not giving myself a ray of beauty. As Yu Qiuyu said, I am calm, so my heart is beautiful, my heart is beautiful, so my life is also beautiful.

  I have been moving forward in the world with a low temperature attitude, listening to the wind Qing Yin, watching the rain drizzle, not asking for enthusiasm, only asking for An Tian, reading books, fragrant in the book, affectionate in the words, drinking tea, Ban Bei warm, ban Bei is cool.

  I always think that the best understanding will be in the text, so I like to talk about the past events that have passed the horse, the mountains that used to be long and wide, in the text. But one day, the small characters on the plain will be old, the Acacia on the bean will be old, and only a lonely character will remain, just like after a grand carnival, is a long lonely Liao.

  Standing in the mist in the light autumn morning, watching the fallen flowers fill the courtyard, I remembered that sentence, who read the west wind alone cool! In my heart, there was some silence, and eventually there was some thin and cool season, and some enthusiasm left over from midsummer gradually sank. Sometimes, some things, from hot to cool, have been tossing and turning for a season.

  Some prosperous, slipped from the green in the summer, walked into the autumn poetry line, the breeze, overflowed the dew on the grass, flowed in the forest, and the small flowers on the roadside were no longer publicized. However, it has become implicit and abundant, as if after the hustle and bustle of summer, through the prosperity, and began to learn to be calm and fragrant.

  The picture scroll of summer is always too charming, while the sketch of autumn has more connotation. The thick color is the aesthetic feeling of seasonal writing. Walking on the road of autumn, the cool wind is fine, the time goes by, the summer has become a memory, and the scenery around you will gradually become the appearance of autumn. What does that matter? One day, what we have said, what we have done, and the road we have traveled will all become the scenery of the past, but the beauty that has entered the heart will remain in the bottom of my heart.

  Season toss, does not make forever for anyone, because understand, so peace of mind, every season has its own beauty. Perhaps a mediocre life, listening to a few birds, smelling a few flowers, meeting a scenery unexpectedly, and treating a breeze gently, is compassion and perfection.

  After going through the hustle and bustle of summer, I want to find a peace in Qing Qiu. Maybe it is a desire for stability and warmth in my heart. I always hope to find someone in Qingning time, shallow and light love, saying idle words, keeping peace with each other's pace, even in the lower part, the days are vivid.

  The proper stick and nature are like two plants that grow quietly in autumn. The branches and leaves grow in superposition in time. Although they are simple, they depend on each other. Those locked feelings, it is a belief that time has passed together, and it is the stability of the years in the world. This deep feeling of holding hands and fireworks will never fail.

  The season is in autumn, just like life, through the beauty of youth, after the precipitation of time, life, only one porridge and one meal, and the warmth accompanied by ups and downs.

  I am a bird, a bird separated from the ethnic group, a bird that should have flown.

  I left the group of birds that could fly freely. They flew from the cold north to the warm south, wantonly looking for the most comfortable and comfortable place. I used to be one of them, but in the process of flying, I found the land that can give me infinite tenderness and spiritual resonance, the only land that belongs to me. I am so attached to the warmth brought by the land that I cannot extricate myself.

  I like living with land. A voice said.

  When other birds gradually flew away, I remained on this land. I chose a different road, destined to be different from them. On this different road, I will see different scenes and harvest different things. This is the road I chose, give up freedom and live with my land.

  Every morning, I will see a red sun gradually rising on one side of the distant sky. It is very round and round, sending out a wisp of warm and soft light, covering this small land, and my land is beside me, accompanying me and watching such a peaceful world.

  The sun is so bright that it is really comfortable to shine on me. I said.

  The sun is shining and the smile is bright.

  When the sun is setting, I will drink the last cup of afterglow, I will watch the sky clouds chase, and there are beautiful and beautiful lakes around me and the land. I will leave traces on the sand where the waves pass through, touch my land with soft feathers, and the land will respond to me gently until the sunset leaves the last ray of brilliance on this land.

  Night is when we whisper, the unrestrained, real and soft language is our spiritual resonance and exchange of ideas. The stars in the night sky are very bright and the world around me is very quiet. I cuddle up with my land, warm as spring, even in the cold night in the north.

  When other birds fly everywhere, I stay on my land. When the four seasons change and Spring goes to autumn, my land and I live in such a stable and peaceful life, but it is real happiness.

  Because that kind of special warmth and attachment is a feeling I have never felt before.

  I have never felt before.

  I thought my life was so stable, and my land.

  However, after all, I am a bird that likes freedom and flying. I want to see this vast world. I left my land and chased the clouds in the sky. I abandoned my land and returned to the original world, and my land was still waiting for me there. Only at this time, I am greedy for freedom, that kind of simple and stable life, let me want to escape.

  This is probably nature and cannot be explained.

  After all, I am a bird and need to fly constantly.

  The laws of nature say that birds should fly with birds instead of staying on land, and their partners should also be another bird instead of knowing that flying is just a fixed land. I chose a different road to live on land, and finally I returned to the original point.

  Keep flying, fly freely.

  I want freedom. A voice inside is saying that it is a natural voice.

  I couldn't beat the rules of nature and returned to my flock of birds.

  A bird asked me, "We have flown over many mountains and rivers in recent years and seen many beautiful scenery, but you always stay in one place. Don't you think it's a pity ?"

  "No, no pity, I never regret, do not regret their choice. On this road, I have harvested something very precious to me ." I answered.

  That is love is warm and very special and precious. I know it is.

  But in my heart, there is always a place reserved for land. God testifies.

  It's just that I can't give you the stability and sureness you want. I can't give it. Because I am a bird.

  Dear land, there are many things that I can't decide, just like nature is like nature, I am a bird, nature is to keep flying, but I chose a different road, although it is not permanent, experience is the most unforgettable. On this road, I felt the warmth, warmth and dependence I had never felt before. I saw a heart beating at the same frequency as me. These are all unique experiences we gave each other.

  This is a scene and a road that other birds have never seen before.

  This is a different, unique scene I have seen and I want to cherish with my heart. And these, little by little, accumulate our growing experience.

  We have been growing up. Because the unique scene is a memory of life, the ocean in the eyes when I think of it, and the mark we give each other on this different road.

  I am a bird, and the bird that finally flies cannot stay.

  Before leaving, I said to my land:

  Dear land, I hope you find another land that can accompany you. You must be connected. No matter how far I am, I will fly over to hug you. Bless you.

  There is an ocean in your eyes ." Land said.

  "Yes, but that is tears of growth ." I said.

  I wish you happiness.

  The other day, I drove an electric car with a friend and passed by junior high school. My friend suggested that I might as well go and see my junior high school teacher. I found the class teacher in the third grade, and he said in the first sentence, "you haven't been back since the senior high school entrance examination !" I smiled shyly and somehow answered. After sitting down, our chatterbox opened. However, talking about it is nothing more than the college entrance examination around everyone. About an hour later, each other's topics had withered up and my friends and I were happy.

  As far as I am concerned, in fact, I don't like to visit teachers in the past, especially those who have not had much contact with me when talking. Because there is no deep friendship with each other, it is even more impossible to have deeper communication in occasional visits. And even the teacher who once talked to you in the sky, when he visited again, it was difficult to find the mood of seeking and talking for the truth.

  It is often said that things are different from people. In fact, what if things are stored? The lost state of mind cannot be recovered once it is gone. After all, time is always walking and people's hearts are changing.

  I often miss the time of the old campus and the colorful days I have experienced. Holding the literary society's manuscript collection and inspiration, I tirelessly publicized it on the platform, holding 0.1 degrees of sales on Hot Streets and singing in the corridor with deskmate holding mobile phones ...... These fragments of the past will always be shown in my mind from time to time, making me move again and again. However, at this moment, even if we return to those places and do those things again, what can we do? How can I fully understand the uneasiness at that time, the passion at that time and the confusion at that time? Just like a while ago, when I was at work, I needed to go to the old campus to publicize, which was completely different from the mood of running for the literary society at that time. The position we are in is changing, which determines that our thinking and mind will always change. The magic of time is not to take away, but to change, especially in our hearts. This may be the charm of memory-it can only be relived and never reproduced.

  Shi Tiesheng said that all realized life has been transformed by consciousness. Think carefully, when we do the past things in the past time, we are all unconscious. And when we speak in the present and recall the past, the past becomes the life we realize. However, this has been unconsciously improved by us. As I am now, sitting in a quiet room, recalling those singing nights with a peaceful heart, so, everything was staged in my mind in peace and became the color of peace at the moment. So, what is the difference between the past in memory and the past actually bought? If there is a deviation, what is the difference? We don't know. Prisoners have only the past in our memory, and the only truth in our mind is the memory that has already been transformed.

  It seems that the past is deeper than memories. It can't even be revisited, because we can't know if it is a real revisit.

  Once the past dies, it is completely disconnected from us. We cannot touch it, relive it, or even truly feel it. What we have is actually only now. Memories also belong to existence, because they are the product of watching the past now.

  In the past, we will never go back to the past, even if it is only the return of spirit. What we can do is to make every effort to change and grasp the present. Because the present is also quietly and quickly becoming the past.